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Waltmans Bulldogs

English Bulldog Breeders in Kansas

English Bulldog Breeders in Kansas

We have been raising the same outstanding Quality BULLDOGS since 1985. At Waltman's Bulldogs, it is our goal to maintain the excellence of the English Bulldog breed. As a responsible and reputable English Bulldog Breeder we believe breeding out faults and improving the breed is what it is all about. All of our AKC registered Bulldog Puppies are raised with Health, Confirmation and The Award Winning Bulldog Temperament in mind.

English Bulldogs are very special dogs with a unique personality. The biggest part of the Bulldogs charm is that they look tough but aren’t at all. English Bulldog Puppies are huge clowns and have a wonderful sense of humor. They will do just about anything to make you laugh and of get your attention. Bulldogs are lovable, loyal and a little hard headed (yet easily trainable). They make fantastic companions for the whole family, even other pets.

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Steve & Cindy Waltman
Wichita, Kansas - 67060

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Years in Business: 20
Bulldog USA Join Date: Sep 06, 2012

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