Bulldog USA Disclaimer


Bulldog USA was created and intended to provide an online community network of breeders, buyers and organizations. Our #1 goal is to provide an easy to use platform in which to facilitate this community. Our service is providing the meeting place. Bulldog USA does not make any guarantees relating to the sale of dogs or online experiences. While we do strive to only seek responsible and reputable breeders we do not endorse any specific one.


Bulldog USA expects breeders to consistently provide sales and service that results in a high level of buyer satisfaction. In the unfortunate event that you feel like a breeder or buyer has not upheld their end of the contract, you always have the right to pursue legal action against them.


In respect to the sale of dogs the buyer assumes the risk that the dog they purchase might be unsuitable for his or her needs. The buyer must examine, judge, and consider the purchase for him or herself. The ease of our website enables a buyer to meet local breeders or provides assistance with finding specific breeders anywhere in the USA.


The internet is an invaluable resource in today's society, however we recognize the risks associated with online transactions. Because we only want you to have successful experiences, below we have provided a list of helpful tips to keep in mind.



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