Is BulldogUSA.com a secure website?


 -Yes, we use 256 bit encryption so your logins and payments are secure.



Do you sell dogs on your website?


-No, we sell memberships and advertisement space for others to sell dogs and or advertise products.



Who can Log In to the website?


-Both Buyers and Sellers can create a user account, which grants them access to the membership section.



What kind of memberships are offered?


-Sellers are classified as anyone trying to sell a litter of pups



What are the prices for these memberships?


-We offer 2 plans: Yearly at 79/year with unlimited ads in any category listed above.  Monthly at 25/month with same access as the yearly plan, but the monthly only lasts 30 days, and expires after that.



How Long do the classified ads last for?


-They last for 60 days



Who Can browse the website?


-Anyone, a guest can see the same classified ads as a registered user.



So why do buyers need an account?


-Good Question, we have established a notification system for buyers to log in to their account, set their preferences for a puppy according to subcategory and state, and they can forget about it until an ad is posted with their preferences, at which time they will receive an email from us.



What about advertisement banners?


-What about 'em?, buyers and sellers can login to their account and pay for monthly or yearly advertisements for top or sidebar ads.  Upon approval, they will immediately display with others in the same section. 



If I pay for a yearly membership can I cancel half way through and get a prorated balance back?


-No, sorry.  We do offer monthly memberships in case you're scared of commitments.



If I pay for a yearly banner advertisement can I cancel half way through and get a prorated balance back?


-No, sorry.  Unfortunately, we don't offer any refunds on unused memberships or purchases.  Same is true for membership accounts.



Is any payment you collect a recurring subscription to your website?


-No, when your yearly or monthly purchases expire, it's up to you to renew it with us.  The same holds true for advertisement purchases.



How can I pay Bulldog USA for your services?


-You can either pay with paypal through our website, or you can pay with credit card directly on our website.