Bulldog Supplies and Food for your Bulldog

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Does your bulldog have anxiety issues? Do loud noises scare them? Maybe you should try a product called "Thunder Shirt" which works by applying pressure around the torso of your dog to give them a sense of calmness. Of course it may not work for every dog, and it may not work for yours. That's why the folks over at Thunder Shirt offer a 45-day Guarantee. Give it a try and get rid of your bulldog's anxiety. Click Here to see How ThunderShirt Works

Pamper your pet at Pet Care Choice.

Pet Care Choice offers 24/7 Customer Service for the sales of pet medications on their site.  They advertise that they can offer a great price on prescription and non prescription meds, as well as generic and name brand products.  They offer a really good deal for those who purchase bulldog supplies multiple times a year.  If you pay just a one-time fee of $50 they will give you free shipping for life.  Not Bad, click to see Medications for dogs.

Bulldog Food, Royal Canin

Royal Canin bulldog food seems to be a number 1 choice for many new bulldog owners.  They know you want the best for your bulldog puppies under 12 months old so they strive to produce the most nutrient rich bulldog food on the market.  It aids in healthy digestion, joint support, and natural defenses. 
We think best of all it is great for bulldog puppies because the custom kibble is designed with a bulldog in mind.  The shape of the kibble is designed so that the bulldog can grasp and chew with it's 'short-stop' muzzle.    Click to buy Royal Canin Bulldog 24 Dry Dog Food 30lb